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  • "Do you love pork as much as we do"
  • "We can be used for any occasion"

What is Tasty Trotters?

A Hog Roast machine is great for outside catering events, such as BBQ, wedding's, parties or anywhere people need feeding. Tunstall's Tasty Trotters hog roast machine is your perfect Hog Roast oven. Up to a 80kg hog can be cooked to perfection feeding around 200 people, or why not try something different, this versatile machine can also cook 20 chickens, bake potatoes and roast beef. A complete roast dinner including vegetables done with little effort.


Machines can be brought at Tunstall's Tasty Trotters, it's the agent in Cyprus

Events are catered for, great for fates and mess functions, house parties, and a welcome change from the normal run of the mill BBQ all you're friends have.

Contact us for further details on how our hog roast machine will suit your needs, and information on how you could start your very own hog roast business today! A Hog Roast Machine investment can provide an excellent return on your money.

We have a complimentary range of products, accessories and catering equipment that work very well with our hog roast oven. We can also supply a selection of shelters in different sizes, a standard model and an industrial model. We have also thought about transporting all your external catering equipment and we have a range of suitable trailers and trailer kits to transport your hog roast oven and catering equipment.

Who do you know that is having a wedding, Christenings (it doesn't have to be pork, the oven cooks any meat,) 40th birthday, 21st birthday or any birthday, company event, rugby club, or any other club etc or you can sell filled cobs at football matches, car boots, markets, country fairs etc